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The Greer Coalition is a non-profit civic organization dedicated to informing the public about issues affecting the quality of life in Greer, Arizona and the surrounding area.


Impacts to the environment and threats to the natural beauty, open-spaces and rusticity of the Greer community have recently become more pronounced.

The Greer Coalition’s overall objective is to work with federal, state andcounty officials and other individuals and organizations in dealing with these issues.

The Coalition goal is to give Greer property owners a voice in addressing such critical community issues as growth and development, land usage, planning and zoning, fire protection, taxes and local ordinances.


Some of the current projects the Greer Goalition is working on are:

  • Monitoring full implementation of Greer’s zoning ordinance adopted in 2011: Article 6
  • Working with Apache County officials and the broader Greer community to develop a Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Greer, an important adjunct to any zoning plan.

Other Goals:

  • To promote community spirit and pride, and to foster good will and friendship among the residents of Greer.
  • To Provide an open forum for exchange of ideas and discussion regarding local issues and concerns.
  • To encourage and support participation in charitable activities that are beneficial to Greer.
  • To help other organizations with similar purposes.