Petition to Deny Greer Resort Zoning (GCR) to Greer Arizona Parcel # 102-08-021A.

Petition summary and background: Under the Greer Zoning Ordinance, Article 6, the Greer Commercial Resort (GCR) zoning designation was to be applied to a number of Greer properties that have been operated as resorts for a number of years and have had prior permits to do so. The owner of parcel # 102-08-021A has applied […]

Report to the GCI Membership, February 5, 2014

Report to the GCI Membership of the Jan. 9th Apache County P&Z Meeting Regarding the Greer Commercial Resort (GCR) Designation Item URGENT ACTION NEEDED February 5, 2014 The Greer Coalition was represented by the GCI’s legal representative, Attorney David Martin and GCI Co-President, John Freeman who traveled from Loveland, CO. Also present were Rob and […]