Petition to Deny Greer Resort Zoning (GCR) to Greer Arizona Parcel # 102-08-021A.

Petition summary and background:

Under the Greer Zoning Ordinance, Article 6, the Greer Commercial Resort (GCR) zoning designation was to be applied to a number of Greer properties that have been operated as resorts for a number of years and have had prior permits to do so. The owner of parcel # 102-08-021A has applied for this zoning.

Action petitioned for:

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens of Greer who urge the board of supervisors to deny this designation for the following reasons:

  • This property is not appropriately zoned for commercial use and at a minimum should first have to go through a formal rezoning.
  • The site was never issued a conditional use permit (CUP) for commercial use. Over 6 years ago, the County inappropriately granted and renewed building permits to this site for 5 units without an appropriate CUP. No more than one unit (currently built on the property and operated as a nightly rental) should have been constructed on this site.
  • If the owner is granted Greer Commercial Resort (GCR) zoning, the intention is to create a subdivision involving 5 residential units on approximately 1 acre of land. Such additional intense development of this kind undermines the intent of the 1acre per home site long required for Greer residential development.
  • Moreover, if this property is granted GCR zoning, we believe a precedent would be set for more inappropriate high-density residential development throughout Greer. Additional multifamily sites, if Greer should have them at all, should be part of a comprehensive land use plan and not a result of high density subdivision of residential properties like the one in question.

Write and call the following Apache Co. Supervisors today! Urge the board of supervisors to deny GCR resort zoning to parcel # 102-08-021A. Reasons for denial are included in the attached petition.

Supervisor Barry Weller (Our District III representative) Phone #: (928) 337-7504

Supervisor Joe Shirley; District I (928) 674-5664

Supervisor Tom White Jr.; District II Go to the following link to send an electronic message to Supervisor White: (928) 755-3881

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