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Are you struggling to find Homeowner Insurance in Greer? These 4 agencies can help!

The GCI would like to help property owners in Greer navigate the rapidly evolving difficulty of acquiring and maintaining Homeowner Insurance within our community.

In the past year, Greer and other areas of the White Mountains have been placed on a ‘do not insure’ list based on area fire risk.

A number of our neighbors have had their homeowner policies canceled or not renewed. We are collecting information from neighbors and insurers that we hope will be helpful to Greer owners.

The best option for owners in Greer is limited to the shrinking primary insurance marketplace and secondary insurers. Some states impacted by similar insurance restrictions on insurance have public support for the risk pool involved. Arizona does not have such a program. Apache Co. officials have no policy or positions on these matters at this time.

We have learned that some insurers are terminating long-time customers in Greer. Others are renewing coverage but not underwriting new policies. These are often increasing premiums significantly.

The following list includes several insurers that we have learned have been able to help owners in Greer obtain coverage as of March 2024:

  • State Farm: Trevor Tinkel Agency in Show Low; 928-537-5700; State Farm is underwriting in Greer

  • Brown and Brown Insurance (Phoenix); Contact Connie Frezza: 602-664-7000: This independent broker has been helpful in securing insurance in Greer with Progressive Insurance Co.

  • Ty Schraufnagel Insurance Agency: 480-888-1428; Broker for American Family Insurance; American Family is underwriting in Greer.

  • Chubb Insurance; An online search has suggested that Chubb prefers insuring homes with values greater than $1 million but we are aware of success in insuring homes in Greer of less value.

This is an evolving issue and we hope members of our community will let us know of other insurers that are willing to underwrite in Greer and any of those we have identified who may change their practice and stop insuring in Greer.

Please forward any information you may have to

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